Develop, customise and use e-learning

The Toolbox business activity will give greater emphasis to supporting the capability of the national training sector to develop, customise and use e-learning content by making available the tools, guidelines and knowledge that has evolved from the ongoing success of the Toolbox initiative.

Tutorials to support developers, teachers and trainers

Customising Toolboxes with Web 2.0 technologies

Download mini tutorials on using free software to customise Toolbox learning objects.

The following tutorials are available for download:

For help viewing downloading and viewing these learning objects please read: 'Using the Toolbox Learning object collection' (Word - 1.97MB).

Technical information

Users will need Flash player 8 or above to play videos and animations, Adobe Reader 6.0 to view PDFs and Javascript enabled in their browsers to view learning objects. They may also need permission from their organisation to download and install software.

More information on learning objects and the Toolbox Repository

Tools to support developers, teachers and trainers

Vetadata Tool (for SCORM objects)

The Vetadata tool creates metadata suitable for SCORM 1.2 content packages.

Download the Vetadata tool

Reload Editor

The Reload Editor tool is commonly used to produce the manifest file for a content package and supports both the IMS Content Packaging Specification and its SCORM extension.

A customised version of Reload which can be used to create IMS conformant content packages and Vetadata-conformant metadata files is available for download.

Download the VET Reload tool - includes instruction document.

The VET Reload tool has been a joint project with E-standards for Training

Content package player

This stand alone viewer can be used to view IMS content packages without the need for a Learner Management System (LMS). This is an open source tool that can be visually customised by editing the css files.

Download the Content package player

This has been a joint project with E-standards for Training

Further tool production will continue in 2008 and includes:

Guides to support developers, teachers and trainers

Guides for creating e-learning content and learning objects to VET sector standards as well as impementation help are available.

VET e-learning content development guidelines

The Framework has published a set of guidelines for creating nationally funded e-learning content. The VET e-learning content development guidelines provide user-friendly advice and information for creating accessible and reusable e-learning content.

Further guides are available from this site

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