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MEM05 Metal & Engineering Training Package

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MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade

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The Fabrication Toolbox has been designed to complement a face-to-face workshop or on-the-job training environment. It provides innovative and engaging flexible learning opportunities where the learner will develop the capability required to fabricate metal objects.

The setting for this Toolbox is ‘Total Fabrication’, a fictitious company that specialises in general and heavy fabrication engineering. On entering the Toolbox the learner is presented with a number of skill sets that equate to the metal fabrication production process. Each skill set is broken into short, dynamic tasks, each supported by a rich variety of interactive multimedia resources. The learner is given the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to their work environment through a series of suggested workplace activities and projects.

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MEM5.10B Apply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques
MEM5.37B Perform geometric development
MEM9.2B Interpret technical drawing
MEM12.23A Perform engineering measurements
MEM12.24A Perform computations
MEM18.1C Use hand tools

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Deb Bennett
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Teacher's Guide

The Teacher Guide has been reviewed and updated to support the continued use and application of the Fabrication Toolbox.

Download the Teacher's Guide for Fabrication (Word - 2.90MB)

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There has been an update to this Toolbox. Please visit the Patches page of the Toolbox Support section to download the neccessary files.

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