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UTE99 Electrotechnology Industry


UTE10202 Certificate I in Sustainable Energy (Electrotechnology)

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The Sustainable Energy Toolbox contains a range of stand-alone resources that have been developed to support the delivery of the Certificate I in Sustainable Energy (Electrotechnology).

The Toolbox supports two units of competency and offers a range of learning objects containing resources and tools to support the elements and performance criteria for each of the competencies.

The resources and activities contained within this Toolbox introduce learners to the concept of sustainable energy.

Within the Toolbox setting learners take on the role of a ‘Trainee Energy Consultant’. The ‘trainee’ works with the ‘experts’ employed by ener-G-smart, an international sustainable and renewable energy research consultancy company. The learning activities encourage ‘discovery’ learning and include interactive and engaging ‘real life’ simulated scenarios.

Learners will interact with the content, resources and ‘virtual clients’ to experience, gain and apply the skills, knowledge and abilities required to successfully monitor energy consumption and apply sustainable energy practices in domestic premises and the workplace.

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UTENES061A Provide basic sustainable energy solutions for energy reduction in domestic premises
UTENES062A Apply sustainable energy practice in daily activities

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Project Manager

Ms Lyn Farrell and Annette Geikie
Hayman Road
Ph. (08) 9442 8308
Fax. (08) 9442 8310

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Sustainable Energy (Word - 265 KB).

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