Grange Care Services (602)

Training Package

CHC08 Community Services Training Package


CHC30308 Certificate III in Home and Community Care
CHC30208 Certificate III in Aged Care


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Grange Care Services is a simulated learning environment that comprises Grange House Residential Services (supporting Aged Care Work) and Grange Home Care Services (supporting Home and Community Care). The learner is cast in the role of a care worker, and is presented with a range of tasks that a care worker would be expected to perform in either a residential facility or a home and community care environment.

The material is arranged in the form of a duty statement. There are six days of duties in both Grange House (Aged Care Work) and Grange Home Care (Home and Community Care). Within these days there are a total of 28 duties for Grange House and 30 duties for Grange Home Care. Within each duty, there are between one and four tasks.

The approach to assessment in the Grange Care Services Toolbox is one that centres around encouraging learners to gather and document evidence whilst developing knowledge and skills. Although the tasks contained in the duty statements are the primary vehicle for this, there are a number of other important methods, for instance workplace projects and discussions.

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CHCAC318B Work effectively with older people
CHCAC319A Provide support to people living with dementia
CHCCOM302C Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues
CHCCS305B Assist clients with medication
CHCCS401B Facilitate responsible behaviour
CHCICS301A Provide support to meet personal care needs
CHCICS303A Support individual health and emotional well being
CHCINF408C Comply with information requirements of the aged care and community care sectors
CHCOHS312B Follow safety procedures for direct care work
CHCORG303B Participate effectively in the work environment
HLTCSD306C Respond effectively to difficult or challenging behaviour
HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
CHCICS302A Participate in the implementation of individualised plans
CHCHC311B Work effectively in home and community care
CHCDIS400C Provide care and support
CHCDIS301A Work effectively with people with a disability

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Version Improvements

This Toolbox is a revision (Version 2) of the original. The following is a list of improvements made to this version.

The Toolbox has been reviewed and updated to now support the CHC08 Community Services Training Package (Release 3.0 - as of November 2011) and qualifications.

This Toolbox has been updated to meet the recommended technical specifications for elearning in the VET sector.

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