Where's the Party At? (519)

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This Toolbox has been mapped to the latest Certificate in General Education for Adults (CGEA). For more detail view the Teacher's guide.


Literacy and Numeracy (15-19 year olds)

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The "Where's the Party At?" Toolbox is aimed at youth (15-19) and provides materials that explore personal development issues. The engaging content will allow learners to develop reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as online and general computing skills. The 'Where’s the Party At' Toolbox supports the delivery of the Certificate of General Education for Adults.

Learners go to a virtual 'house party' where each room engages them in a range of graphically rich, interactive activities allowing them to access information about different issues, explore their feelings and test their knowledge.

In the lounge room for example, learners find out the facts about alcohol, smoking and drugs. Real life scenarios illustrate the different life choices people make about substance use. Here learners can undertake activities such as calculating blood alcohol content, writing stories (eg autobiographies, biographies and narratives) and take part in a discussion board to talk with their peers.

Mental and physical health issues are also explored through a range of activities including a quiz that reveals common fears. Emma, a virtual character, talks to her friend Nick about her 'big butt' as an online discussion starter about body image.

'Where’s the Party At?' is also a valuable resource which can be used to help young people find out more about relationships, sexuality and nutrition.

The Toolbox offers support for students who may encounter difficulty with the tasks along the way. The activities and content are customisable enabling the Toolbox to meet the needs of a broad range of students.

The topics are particularly significant for the target group. The activities not only develop literacy and numeracy skills, but deal in a realistic way with the 'personal risk–management' issues that these learners often face at this stage of their lives.

*The “Where’s the Party At?” Toolbox was a finalist in the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association awards for Best Learning product.

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The activities provide a wide range of reading, writing and numeracy experiences, and include general skills tasks that are based on developing the Mayer competencies (in the Certificate of General Education for Adults, these are GCO competencies).

For further information on competencies please refer to the Teacher's Guide below.

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Project Manager

Carolyn Grayson
Swinburne Institute of TAFE
(03) 9214 8598

Lead Agent

Swinburne Institute of TAFE

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Teacher's Guide

The Teacher Guide has been reviewed and updated to support the continued use and application of the Where’s the Party at? Toolbox to meet the requirements of the 21773 VIC Certificate in General Education for Adults (CGEA).

Download the Teacher's Guide for Where's the Party At? (Word - 1.04MB).

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