Building Skills (517)

Training Package

BCG03 General Construction


Competencies apply to:
BCG10198 Certificate I in Construction
BCG20198 Certificate II in General Construction
BCG30798 Certificate III in General Construction (Carpentry - Framework/Formwork/Finishing)

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The Building Skills Toolbox is designed to be used for apprentices and pre-apprentices in the building and construction industry around Australia. In particular, it is for those involved in concreting, levelling and installing doors. Whilst it aims to specifically meet the educational needs of indigenous learners - particularly those studying and working in remote areas - this resource is also relevant to all learners studying the four addressed competency standards.

Building Skills uses the scenario of building a bush kitchen to introduce learners to basic building skills including concreting, levelling, installing doors and measurements.

Teachers/trainers will find the Toolbox has a consistent structure. Information is organised by competencies. Each competency has a number of tasks (jobs) and skills. Each task has a number of steps to complete as well as a consolidation ‘Have a go’ activity. Learners can check their understanding of the content and identify gaps in their knowledge. Each competency culminates in a hands on, workplace based, practical activity set up by the teacher/trainer.

Features of the Toolbox include:

The Toolbox allows for both guided learning and exploratory learning. It is intended that the teacher/trainer determine how the Toolbox is to be used by learners.

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BCG1004A Carry out measurements and calculations
BCG1010A Carry out concreting to simple forms
BCG2004A Carry out levelling
BCG3025A Install external or internal doors

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Project Manager

Christine Foard
Holmesglen TAFE
(03) 9564 1613

Lead Agent

Holmesglen TAFE

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Building Skills (PDF - 1.25 MB)

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