Deadly Jam Music Festival (516)

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CUS01 Music


CUS20101 Certificate II in Music Industry (Foundation)
CUS30101 Certificate III in Music
CUS30201 Certificate III in Music Industry (Technical Production)
CUS30301 Certificate III in Music (Business)
CUS40101 Certificate IV in Music
CUS40201 Certificate IV in Music Industry (Technical Production)

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This Toolbox is designed for Indigenous learners and covers competencies relevant to Certificate levels II, III and IV in Music. Learners interact with four characters representing potential careers in the music industry. Along the way they will meet well known Indigenous figures in the Australian music scene.

The Deadly Jam Music Festival Toolbox is aimed at engaging young Indigenous people who are interested in pursuing a career in the different aspects of the music industry.

The Deadly Jam Music Festival consists of four different pathways in the music industry - Musician, Band Manager, Event Manager and Sound Technician. The mentor in each pathway has a little more knowledge than the user and will guide the user throughout the site and assist with the online and offline activities. Together they embark on a journey of understanding the intricacies of each pathway and to further develop the necessary skills in order to gain industry experience.

Deadly Jam provides interactive learning experiences for users to learn about a range of topics including forming a band, getting a gig, negotiating deals and planning sound systems.

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CUSADM08A Address copyright requirements
CUSSAF02A Follow health, safety and security procedures in the music industry
CUSMCP02A Compose a simple song or tune
CUSMPF07A Plan, prepare and perform for a demo recording
CUSGEN04A Participate in negotiations
CUSBAD03A Administer operations for performance and rehearsals
CUSBMA04A Develop and promote image
CUSBMA05A Promote the act to obtain deals
CUETEM3A Establish and manage resources and technical requirements
CUSSOU01A Move and set up instruments and equipment
CUSSOU06A Lay sound tracks
CUSMPF02A Develop technical skills for playing or singing music

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Project Manager

Anne Walsh
Fraynework (NMIT)
(03) 9349 4696

Lead Agent

Fraynework (NMIT)

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Deadly Jam Music Festival (Word - 724 KB).

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