Basic Skills in the Cybercentre (424)

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Levels 1 & 2 of the National Reporting System in reading, writing and numeracy.


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The Cybercentre Toolbox is designed to provide basic skills to learners with literacy and numeracy needs through the use of simulated ‘real life’ activities.

Basic Skills in the Cybercentre assists learners by offering an innovative program that will help them develop new skills in literacy, numeracy and online learning.

The Toolbox uses a series of scenarios based within a shopping mall, the ‘Cybercentre’, where users can undertake a number of different activities, mainly within shops. These activities require a range of both literacy and numeracy skills, but also introduce the learner to some aspects of the WWW and working online. Each activity is supported by a range of resources that teach the user basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Features of this Toolbox include:

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This Toolbox supports a wide range of potential and current VET learners and trainees who have literacy and numeracy needs. The skills cover levels 1 and 2 of the National Reporting System (NRS).

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Project Manager

Dave Tout
ARIS, Language Australia VIC

Lead Agent

ARIS, Language Australia

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Basic Skills in the Cybercentre (Word - 1.4 MB).

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