Horticulture for Indigenous Learners (422)

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RUH98 Horticulture


RUH20198 Certificate II in Horticulture

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The Horticulture Toolbox provides realistic workplace scenarios and problems for Indigenous students studying selected units of competency at the lower Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) levels, 1 and 2.

The Toolbox has been customised to cater to the needs of Indigenous students in Horticulture, particularly trainees in rural areas who currently are required to travel to the cities to undertake “block release” training. It will also be of benefit to employers who would prefer to provide on-the-job training using the enterprise’s equipment, machinery and plant material.

The Toolbox is set within a fictitious horticultural setting that includes a garden area, a Meeting Place, a nursery, machinery shed, and a lunchroom. This provides learners with a familiar environment in which tasks and activities occur.

Each activity can be completed alone or in conjunction with other activities in that unit to form a meaningful learning experience. As students work through the various problems presented to them they can seek guidance from a number of authentic online workplace resources: resident experts, reference books and magazines.

*This product is a revision of an earlier Horticulture Toolbox (Series 3) for indigenous learners.

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RUHCORE4A Cooperate in the workplace
RUHCORE6A Plan daily work routines
RUHHRT106 Provide planted area care
RUHHRT109 Maintain the work environment
RUHHRT113 Operate ride on vehicles
RUHHRT203 Plant trees and shrubs
RUHHRT204 Communicate in the workplace
RUHHRT206 Operate tractors
RUHHRT207 Operate equipment and machinery
RUHHRT208 Prune shrubs and small trees
RUHHRT224 Undertake propagation activities
RUHHRT227 Recognise plants, products and treatments

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Horticulture for Indigenous Learners (Word - 701KB).

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