Indigenous Ecotourism (318)

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THT98 Tourism


THT40402 Certificate IV in Tourism (Natural and Cultural Heritage)

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Many communities of Indigenous people are looking to ecotourism as a means of managing their lands and providing jobs for their children. The research and planning stage of an ecotourism product is crucial. It requires expertise not always available in Indigenous communities.

The content of this Toolbox has been grouped into six topics. Each topic covers a number of units of competency from the Tourism Training Package. The topics are:

The Toolbox can be used by Indigenous people or communities to develop an Indigenous ecotourism plan. As learners work through the contents of the Toolbox, they will be progressively developing an ecotourism plan, and acquiring the skills required to work in the tourism industry.

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THHCOR01B Work with colleagues & customers
THHCOR02B Work in a socially diverse environment
THHCOR03B Follow health, safety and security procedures
THHGHS03B Provide first aid
THHGLE22A Manage risk
THTFTG01B Work as a guide
THTFTG03B Develop and maintain the general knowledge required by guides
THTFTG05B Lead tour groups
THTFTG06B Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities
THTFTG07B Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures
THTPPD04B Plan and implement minimal impact operations
THHPPD05B Plan and develop interpretive activities
THTTCO01B Develop and update tourism industry knowledge


THTFTG12A Prepare specialised interpretive content (flora, fauna & landscape)
THTFTG14A Prepare specialised interpretive content (cultural & heritage environments)

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Project Manager

Southbank Institute of TAFE

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Southbank Institute of TAFE

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Indigenous Ecotourism (PDF - 701 KB).

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