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CUS09 – Music


CUS20109 Certificate II in Music


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This Toolbox is developed to support CUS20109 Certificate II in Music. The music industry is currently undergoing revolutionary changes particularly in the retail and technology sectors. The music industry increasingly relies on the use of technology, in particular computer recording and composition software. In this environment, professional practices, current issues, developing musical ideas from a foundation in industry and music knowledge, and the ability to work with new technologies will be critical for aspiring music industry employees. This Toolbox resource will address industry needs such as the shift towards multi-skilling and independent artist business models, the uptake of new music technologies and other online technologies for the production and distribution of contemporary music, the capability to continually develop skills and knowledge, eg keeping up to date with industry information sources.

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CUFIND201A Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUSMLT201A Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills
CUSMPF202A Incorporate music technology into performance

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Project Manager

Rose Shum

Lead Agent

Centre for Learning Innovation
NSW Department of Education and Training

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