Timber (12.05)

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Training Package

FPI05 Forest and Forest Products


All Certificate II and Certificate III qualifications in the FPI05 training package.


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Timber will cover six core competencies from the Forest and Forest Products Training Package and support a wide range of Certificate II and Certificate III qualifications including sawmilling, merchandising, and manufactured products. Timber will look at generic communication and occupational health and safety skills, as well as technical skills including preparing and interpreting sketches and timber grading. Timber will deliver crucial e-learning resources for workers in an industry that has traditionally relied overwhelmingly on face-to-face training.

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FPICOR2201A Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
FPICOR3202A Implement SHE policies and procedures
FPICOR3202A Conduct quality and product care procedures
FPICOR3204A Visually assess materials
FPICOT3236A Coordinate stock control procedures
FPICOT3204A Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings


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Project Manager

David McElvenny
Workspace Training

Lead Agent

Workspace Training

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Teacher's Guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for Timber (PDF - 490Kb)

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