Toolboxes by Series / Code

Series 14

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
14.01 Construction, Plumbing and Services Numbers
14.02 Construction, Plumbing and Services Build Green
14.03 Community Services Language Links
14.04 Forest and Forest Products Industry Sustainable Timber
14.05 Literacy and Numeracy English at Work
14.06 Training and Education TAE Training and Assessment

Series 13

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
13.01 Construction, Plumbing and Services Licensed to Plumb II
13.02 Electrotechnology Harness the Sun
13.03 Music Music Box
13.04 Manufacturing Sustainable Manufacturing
13.05 Forest and Forest Products Timber ‘Plus’
13.06 Electrotechnology Fresh or Freezing
13.07 Asset Maintenance Squeak eClean

Series 12

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
12.01 Construction, Plumbing and Services Licensed to Plumb
12.02 Property Services Satellite City
12.03 Health Indigenous Spiritual Wellbeing
12.04 Electrotechnology Electrotech
12.05 Forest and Forest Products Timber
12.06 Retail Services Retailer 2
12.11 Community Services Cybertots
12.12 Business Services Small Business Management
12.13 Business Services Admin3

Series 11

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
11.01 Aeroskills Fit to Fly
11.03 Health Help from Within
11.04 Water Industry Splash
11.05 Business Services My Micro Business
11.06 Financial Services A Balancing Act
11.07 Manufacturing Optimake
11.08 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Events Alive!

Series 10

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
10.01 General Construction BuildRight
10.02 Water Central Water
10.03 Water H2Online
10.04 Competitive Manufacturing Manufacturing

Series 9

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
901 Food Processing Industry Food Safety Auditor
902 Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Automotive Mechanical Technology & Vehicle Body
903 Community Services Employment Consultant Skills
904 Public Safety Public Safety
905 Metal & Engineering Fabrication
906 Information Technology e-Commerce
907 --Indigenous Awareness-- Interactive Ochre

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Series 8

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
801 Racing Industry They're Racing
802 Furnishing Industry Custom Made Furniture
803 Furnishing Industry Furniture Making and Design
805 Fitness Industry Fitness Online
806 Tourism How Eventive
809 Business Services Frontline Management 2

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Series 7

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
701 Correctional Services Correctional Services - Working With Clients With Complex Needs
702 Health Infection Control
703 Health Food Safety
704 Health Health Training
705 Sport Industry Facilities Management
706 Drilling Methods of Drilling
707 Electrotechnology Industry Sustainable Energy
708 Transport and Distribution Road Transport

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Series 6

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
601 Business Services Frontline Management
602 Community Services Grange Care Services
603 Financial Services Financial Services
604 Food Processing Industry Food Processing
605 Amenity Horticulture Amenity Horticulture

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Series 5

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
501 Asset Security On Your Guard
502 Asset Security Security and Risk Management
503 Automotive Industry Retail,
Service and Repair
Panel Beating
506 Business Services Human Resources
507 Conservation and Land Management Conservation and Land Management
508 Laboratory Operations Diploma of Laboratory Technology
509 Laboratory Operations Laboratory Management
510 Maritime Maritime Operations
511 Metal and Engineering Industry The Turning Force
512 Music Diary of a Sound Hound
513 Property Development and
Virtual Realty
514 National Public Services Developing People in Government
515 Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Fashion - Clothing Production

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Series 5 - Equity Toolboxes

These Toolbox products support two target groups:

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
516 Music Deadly Jam Music Festival
[For Indigenous Learners]
517 General Construction Building Skills
[For Indigenous Learners]
518 Conservation and Land Management Cultural Resource Management
[For Indigenous Learners]
519 Not applicable Where's the Party At?
[For Youth 15-19]

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Series 4

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
401 General Construction Building and Construction
402 Community Services Disability and Mental Health
403 Community Services Policy, Research and Advocacy
404 Electrotechnology Electrotechnology – Security
405 Film, TV, Radio and Multimedia Animation
406 Financial Services Financial Services - Retail
407 Hairdressing Cyber Hair Studio
408 Amenity Horticulture Turf Management
409 Hospitality Kitchen Operations
410 Information Technology Web Design
411 Information Technology Knowledge Management
412 Laboratory Operations Laboratory Operations
414 Meat Industry Meat Safety
416 Seafood Industry Inland Aquaculture
417 Telecommunications Call Centre Faults, Credit, Enquiries
418 Telecommunications Call Centre Customer Contact

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Series 4 - Equity Toolboxes

These Toolbox products support three target groups:

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
419 Information Technology Information Technology (Truvision)
[For Vision-Impaired Learners]
420 Not applicable The World of Work
[For Youth 15-19]
422 Horticulture Horticulture for Indigenous Learners
423 Local Government Learning about Native Title
[For Indigenous Learners]
424 Not applicable Basic Skills in the Cybercentre
[Literacy and Numeracy]
425 Not applicable Workplace Trainer (Literacy and Numeracy)

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Series 3

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
301 Community Services Youth Work
303 Film, TV, Radio and Multimedia Multimedia Design
304 Horticulture Horticulture
306 Information Technology Database Administration
307 Information Technology Network Engineering
309 Museum and Library/
Information Services
Library and Information Services
310 Local Government Local Government
311 Metalliferous Mining, Coal and Extractive Mining
312 Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking Injection Moulding
313 Retail Retail Supervision
314 Retail Retail Management
315 Seafood Industry Aquaculture - Farm Diversification
316 Telecommunications Call Centre Leadership
317 Telecommunications Call Centres - Certificate II
318 Tourism Indigenous Ecotourism
319 Tourism Marketing Tourism Products

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Series 2

Series 2 Toolbox projects were selected in 1999 and were developed during 2000. During 2004 these Toolboxes were redeveloped.

The following Version 2 Toolboxes are available now:

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
202 Business Services Legal Administration
204 Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Oil
Chemical and Oil Refining
205 Community Services Alcohol and Other Drugs Work
207 Financial Services Accounting
209 Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism (Management)
210 Information Technology Programmer's Workbench
211 Information Technology Systems Analysis and Design
212 Retail Retail Operations
213 Transport and Distribution Warehousing

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Series 1

The Series 1 Toolboxes have been available since late 1999. These were produced prior to the use of the current development guidelines, and most of the products from the original collection have been withdrawn from sale.

They were reviewed during 2003.

Code Training Package Toolbox Name
110 Hospitality and Tourism Tourism and Hospitality AQF II - III