September 2010

Request for Tender - E-learning resource development

Tenders are requested from vocational education and training (VET) Registered Training Organisations (RTO) suitably qualified to act as Lead Agents in the development of Flexible Learning Toolboxes (Toolboxes).

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April 2010

Details of new Series 13 e-learning content

This list provides the Training package areas and competencies relevant to the Toolboxes. Further details and previews will be available from this site in the following months.

13.01 Licensed to Plumb (Part II)

This Toolbox will extend the 12.01 Licensed to Plumb Toolbox by covering three further units from CPC40908 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations stream). This will bring the number of units developed as a supporting e-learning resource for this qualification to eight. It will also address all six of the plumbing streams for which a licence is required: water, drainage, sanitary, gas, roofing and mechanical services. The CPC40908 qualification is designed to provide higher level skills to experienced plumbing and services industry tradespeople. The qualification features four streams which are geared to meet the needs of particular industry groups, including those who have supervisory or project design responsibilities. This Toolbox provides further support for the Operations stream within CPC40908, which is specifically aimed at broadening the technical skills of existing plumbing trades people. The majority of the units within the Operations stream are licence level units required by individuals seeking to operate as a licensed plumber in any state or territory.

Training packge CPC08 – Construction, Plumbing & Services Integrated Framework
Qualification CPC40908 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services (Operations stream)
Competencies CPCPSN4001A Plan, size and lay out sanitary pipework and fixtures
CPCPRF4001A Plan, size and lay out roof drainage systems
CPCPMS4001A Plan size and lay out heating and cooling services

13.02 Harness the Sun

This Toolbox is developed to support UEE42007 Certificate IV in Electrical – Photovoltaic Systems. Harness the Sun will address three units from this qualification that are required by licensed electricians to operate as accredited designers and installers of photovoltaic systems. Photovoltaic systems were formally a niche product but are now used to provide cost-effective zero greenhouse emission energy to national homes and businesses. Over the last decade, photovoltaic has been the world’s most rapidly growing energy source, with markets increasing at a compounded rate of above 40% per year over this period. The Australian government offers rebates to individuals and organisations, but only if photovoltaic systems are installed by accredited installers. There will obviously be increased demand for these installers, who must already be qualified electricians, and increased training opportunities will need to be provided.

Training packge UEE07 – Electrotechnology
Qualification UEE42007 Certificate IV in Electrical – Photovoltaic Systems
Competencies UEENEEK025C Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus
UEENEEK048A Install, configure and commission grid connected photovoltaic power systems
UEENEEK035C Design grid connected power supply systems

13.03 Music Box

This Toolbox is developed to support CUS20109 Certificate II in Music. The music industry is currently undergoing revolutionary changes particularly in the retail and
technology sectors. The music industry increasingly relies on the use of technology, in
particular computer recording and composition software. In this environment, professional
practices, current issues, developing musical ideas from a foundation in industry and music
knowledge, and the ability to work with new technologies will be critical for aspiring music
industry employees. This Toolbox resource will address industry needs such as the shift towards multi-skilling and independent artist business models, the uptake of new music technologies and other online technologies for the production and distribution of contemporary music, the capability to continually develop skills and knowledge, eg keeping up to date with industry information sources.

Training packge CUS09 – Music
Qualification CUS20109 Certificate II in Music
Competencies CUFIND201A Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUSMLT201A Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills
CUSMPF202A Incorporate music technology into performance

13.04 Sustainable Manufacturing

This Toolbox is developed to support MSA07 for learners from Certificate II to Certificate III in the manufacturing training package. The manufacturing industry recognises the importance of sustainability and growth. Many enterprises within the manufacturing industry sectors are concerned about the costs associated with environmental legislation, standards and compliance. Managing the cost implications of sustainability will be a major challenge for enterprises. In the process manufacturing sector of Manufacturing there is no real history of training and no traditional trades as such. This means there are many workers with 10, 20 and more years of work experience with no formal qualifications, and in many cases a reluctance to participate in structured learning. Training for sustainability, using user-friendly, innovative learning is a useful way to introduce workers to the learning environment. This has the potential to flow onto further structured learning resulting in increased productivity.

Training packge MSA07 – Manufacturing
Qualification Cert II-Graduate Diploma of Competitive Manufacturing
Cert II-Advanced Diploma of Manufacturing Technology
Cert II-Cert III Process Manufacturing
Cert III-Cert IV Manufacturing technology
Cert III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application
Competencies MSAENV272A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSAENV472A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
MSAENV672A Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

13.05 Timber ‘Plus’ Toolbox

This Toolbox will extend the 12.05 Timber Toolbox by covering nine competencies from FPI05 Forest and Forest Products Industry Training Package. In general, the choice of units is designed to pick up where the Timber Toolbox left off, and provide more of the ‘core’ and ‘common technical’ units that are most in demand across all sectors of the industry. Two sector-specific units have also been included this year, and relate to the ‘Timber manufactured products’ sector. These competencies were included because of the urgent industry need for training resources for frame and truss makers due to the current lack of resources of any type (print-based or electronic). Frame and truss manufacture accounts for most of the 38,000 workers involved in the Timber manufactured products sector of the industry around Australia.

Training packge FPI05 – Forest & Forest Products Industry
Qualification FPI20505 Certificate II in Timber Manufactured Products
FPI20605 Certificate II in Timber Merchandising
FPI30105 Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management
FPI30205 Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage
FPI30305 Certificate III in Sawmilling and Processing
FPI30505 Certificate III in Timber Manufactured Products
FPI30605 Certificate III in Timber Merchandising
FPI30805 Certificate III in Wood Machining
TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
TLI30107 Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Warehousing and storage)
Competencies FPICOR2203A Follow environmental care procedures
FPICOR2204A Follow fire prevention procedures
FPICOR2205A Follow OHS policies and procedures
FPICOR2207A Maintain quality and product care
FPICOT2216A Visually stress grade softwood
FPICOT2219A Use hand held tools
FPICOT3241A Assemble timber wall frames
FPICOT3242A Lay up timber roof trusses
FPICOT3247A Select timber for forestry operations

13.06 Fresh or Freezing – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

This Toolbox is developed to support UEE07 for learners from Certificate II to Certificate IV Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning. The units selected for this Toolbox combines refrigeration and air-conditioning technical units with the conceptual thinking of renewable energy. This industry is at the forefront of recognising the need for its employees to be aware of and understand technical requirements but also recognise the increasing importance and user preference to understand how domestic and or commercial appliances use energy. It is becoming important that from entry level into this industry employees are equipped with an understanding of power saving strategies to reduce energy consumption that can save money and protect the environment. The underlying theory principles upon which the refrigeration and air-conditioning units are built including mathematical, plan reading and material identification can also be used to support learning in other areas.

Training packge UEE07 – Electrotechnology
Qualification Certificate II to Certificate IV Refrigeration and Air – Conditioning
Competencies UEENEEJOO2B Prepare Refrigeration Tubing and Fittings
UEENEEJOO3B Determine the basic operating conditions of vapour compression systems
UEENEEJOO4B Determine the basic operating conditions of air condition systems
UEENEEK012B Provide basic sustainable energy solutions for energy reduction in domestic premises
UEENEEK042A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

13.07 Squeak e-Clean

This Toolbox is developed to support PRM30104 Certificate III in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations). The units in the Toolbox form the basis for many workplace inductions in the cleaning industry. The Toolbox objects will be contextualised to relate directly to the knowledge, skills & activities covered in industry based inductions for staff. According to the Industry Skills Council, "There is a significant lack of high quality public resources available to support learning and assessment for this qualification". This Toolbox will provide flexible learning opportunities for those working in the asset maintenance industry. It will be designed so that it can be delivered in conjunction with practical on-the-job training. The learning objects can be accessed as stand-alone resources or combined to form a learning pathway specific to learner needs.

Training packge PRM04 – Asset Maintenance
Qualification PRM30104 Certificate III in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations)
Competencies PRMCL33B Plan for safe and efficient cleaning activities
PRMCL35B Maintain a cleaning storage area
PRMCL39A Support leadership in the workplace
PRMCMN301A Contribute to workplace safety arrangements

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March 2010

Series 13 Toolboxes announced

New e-learning content will be developed in the following training package areas.

Details of competency units will be posted shortly.

Five Toolboxes updated

The following Toolboxes have been updated and released as Series 12 products.

Updated Toolboxes 2010
Training package Old Toolbox code and name New Toolbox code and name
Training and Assessment 607 Training and Assessment and TAA RPL guide 12.09 TAA
Training and Assessment 808 TAA E-Learning Electives 12.10 TAA E-learning E-lectives
Community Services 302 Cybertots 12.11 Cybertots
Business Services 504 Small Business Management 12.12 Small Business Management
Business Services 505 Admin2 12.13 Admin3

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January 2010

Request for Tender - E-learning resource development

Tenders are requested from vocational education and training (VET) Registered Training Organisations (RTO) suitably qualified to act as Lead Agents in the development of Flexible Learning Toolboxes (Toolboxes).

View the full Request for Tender document, including priority skills areas for development >

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